Conscience Bay Newsletter September 2021

About our meetings:

Meetings for worship are held every Sunday throughout the year.  For September through June they begin at 11 am.  Business meetings are generally held on the second Sunday before worship; there are often monthly discussion meetings as well.  We currently meet in a blended way, with some people participating in person at the Meeting House and others participating online by Zoom.   You can access the zoom invitation through our website,  The same invitation works for all Sunday morning meetings.  

Calendar events in September 

Sunday,  5 September

11:00 am.  Meeting for worship begins at its new start time for September through June.    

Sundays, 12 September

9:30 am.  Meeting for worship with a concern for business.  Please note that we start earlier than usual this month.

11:00 am.  Meeting for worship  

Sunday, 19 & 26 September  11:00 am.  Meeting for worship.  When this newsletter went to press there were no plans for discussion in September.

Friends interested in offering assistance of some kind to people in Afghanistan are encouraged to explore the websites of two of our major national Quaker organizations, the American Friends Service (AFSC) and the Friends Committee for National Legistaion (FCNL):

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