Conscience Bay Newsletter February 2021

About our meetings:

Meetings for worship are held every Sunday throughout the year.  For September through June they begin at 11 am.  Beginning on January 3rd, we will return to meeting by zoom-only because of pandemic concerns.  Meetings for worship with a concern for business are held monthly, usually on second Sundays before worship, and we hold adult discussions about once a month as well.   You can access the zoom invitation for these Sunday morning activities through our website,     

Calendar events in February 

Sunday, 14 February

9:45 am.  Meeting or worship with a concern for business.

Sunday, 21 February

9:30 am.  Adult discussion devoted to State of the Meeting Report for 2020.  Queries from NYYM to guide our discussion are at the end of this newsletter.   

Queries from NYYM intended to guide our preparation of the State of Meeting Report this year:

 Query: How have you experienced Spirit working in these times? What impact, positive or negative, have these challenging times had upon your meeting, spiritually, organizationally, financially and in your life as a community? What unexpected joys & benefits, if any, has your meeting experienced? In these uncertain times, how are you led by the Light to recognize and experience possibilities for renewal and rebirth? Prompts: (questions you might consider; don’t feel obliged to address all questions) ● Worship ○ What changes in worship practice have occurred? ○ How has vocal ministry been affected? ● Community Life ○ Have you had successful new experiments, disappointments or challenges? ○ What impacts have there been on demographic groups in your meeting community, including young adults, families, older members, distant Friends? ○ How are connections to the meeting community being maintained? ○ How has your first day school been affected? ○ What losses are you grieving? ● Financial ○ What has been the financial impact of these times on your meeting? ○ Has the meeting been able to achieve its budget goals? Have annual contributions been affected? Has rental income been affected? If the meeting is affiliated with a school, how has that relationship been affected? ● Witness ○ What new witness/social action activities have begun, continued or been reinvigorated? ○ How has your meeting addressed anti-racism work?   

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